Monday, December 5, 2016

Dream: The Transition

The road was pitch black and the fact that there were no lights made the night even darker. The absence of wind didn't help either. The dark was enough to make a shiver crawl through my skin but the silence, it frightened me. For once, I wished I could hear the chirping crickets or the howling dogs but even that was a reach. Never have I been so terrified of this constant sight of nothingness. I didn't know why, but I kept walking. It was like an urge I couldn't yet describe. As if I stopped, I might never be able to move forward again. But as I walked anxiously, I saw a bright light from afar. Even though my eyes burned, it felt like a glimmer of hope. I lunged towards it, struggling my way through this dark path. To my relief, the light kept getting brighter as I closed in........


  1. while i was reading your paragraph, it sketched a portrait in my mind, it was pleasing and beautiful!